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Hey there! I’m Eric Barnhart, the founder of EB Lessons, where we teach you how to play the music you love from day one.

If you could you snap your fingers and suddenly be able one song on the piano, what would it be?

Chances are, whatever song you’ve thought of, I’ve taught it or something incredibly similar to one of my students.

I’ve been playing piano since I was three years old, starting out on a toy xylophone just like this, using a Star Wars action figure as a mallet, playing hot cross buns and the Star Wars theme by ear.

My piano and studio has improved a bit since then. 😊

I’ve been teaching students to play piano since 1995, and I’ve been teaching online since 2008.  Since then, many of my students have gone off to study music at major universities, begin careers in music, record, perform with bands and worship teams, and the list goes on.  Ultimately though, what’s most important to me is: are you playing the music you love?

Years of classical training, a degree in jazz piano performance, eight studio albums, and decades of performing as a career musician for stadium and arena shows, theatres, lounges, churches, and just about every other type of venue and ensemble imaginable has given me the knowledge and the experience to play virtually any style of music and song on your current favorite playlist. 

I use every bit of that knowledge and experience in my teaching so that you can do the same.

Our very first lesson, we will make a list of the songs you’d love to play.  And then, we set up a lesson plan and strategy so that you can start learning how to play them. Day One.

In over a decade of teaching students online, I’ve come to realize that there are so many benefits in development, progression and convenience, that I now teach exclusively online.

There’s never been a better time to learn how to play piano.  Book your free initial consult with me today and start creating the music you already love to listen to.

Got questions? Here are some answers!

What plans do you offer?

I book a free 30-minute initial consult with every prospective student. I offer 30-minute lessons Mondays through Thursdays between 2-6pm Eastern time.  You can book each lesson individually or as a monthly plan.

See plans, pricing and availability at my

FB Appointments page.


How does the monthly plan work? 

Find an available weekly time slot that works for you and book it!  NOTE: BOOK ONE SLOT, ONCE ONLY.  I’ll check to make sure everything looks good.  Once I confirm it, I’ll add you to the schedule and you’re all set for the rest of the year! 

On average, this plan saves students between $20-50 a month!

RE: school closings – I follow the same schedule as Greenville County Schools for being open and closed, including snow days, holidays, teacher work days, etc.  I do not offer make-up lessons or credits/refunds for school closings.  Due to COVID, GCS may be still updating their calendar on occasion.  For their current calendar, visit: 


RE: emergency cancellations – I do not offer credits/refunds or make-up lessons if a student has an emergency cancellation.  If I have to cancel or cannot be available for a previously approved time, I offer either a $35 credit for next month’s billing cycle or a make-up lesson if the student prefers and finds an available time slot on the booking calendar that works for them. 


What do I need for online lessons? 


  • A keyboard or piano 
  • A PC/Mac with a webcam or a smartphone with the Zoom app that you can position where I can see you while playing your instrument 
  • A Venmo or PayPal account for payment (I charge a $5 service fee for PayPal payments) 


  • An iPad from one of the last three generations/iteration 
  • If keyboard, 88 keys and the action is piano-grade/fully-weighted 
  • If keyboard, USB port for MIDI in/out 
  • If iPad, a USB to lightning cable

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