Liminal State

Eric Barnhart

A modern-day Hornsby/Joel piano warrior with Sting-like lyricism and Mayer-like sensibilities.

Eric Barnhart: piano rock Wunderkind.

Influenced by John Mayer, Sting, and a bevy of blues and classic rockers, this singer/songwriter has attracted numerous industry veterans to his storytelling, including a cadre of professional musicians who have forged their own album and performance histories with artists such as Madonna, Murk, The Commodores, Wynton Marsalis, etc.

The alchemical elements of incredibly catchy tunes and a jamming live show have combined to create a surging fan base both in South Florida and Eric's new home: Atlanta. Eric has recently finished recording Liminal State, his latest project, at the fabled Tree Sound Studios in Atlanta, GA. Acoustic Rock with jazz blues influences comprise this nine-track album along with two cuts of Eric running solo at the keys. Casual listeners - beware!

Press Reviews

Success at Brand Name Venues

"He's good ... really packs the place out!" - Anthony Acevedo, Regional Marketing Director for Borders Books and Music

At the Grass Roots Level

"He's amazing! It's been a long time since I've heard piano rock this good! I hope he makes it!" - Kevin Rusk, Owner of the Famed Titanic Brewery Just Outside University of Miami,... and former owner of Tobacco Road, Oldest Bar and Liquor License No. One in Miami, FL.

Crossing Boundaries

"It was a real joy to produduce his CD; I doubt it will be long before someone picks him up!" -Grammy nominated artist DJ Stryke (a.k.a. Greg Chin)

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