To Dreamers

Eric Barnhart

A piano jazz collection of soothing melodies from days gone by, featuring duets with tenor sax, violin and female vocalist.

To Dreamers is my fifth release. When performing at local venues, people often ask me if I have any recordings representative of what they're hearing. This is it. To Dreamers is a collection of some of the most personally poignant songs I play. While each release I've done has literally been a dream come true, this one especially memorializes a season in my life when dreams and those who dream them have played a prominent role.

Just a short list of thanks to some of them: To Mom - for planting the seed To DPC - for grace To SFC - for yet more grace To Doug - for fulfilling a secret wish of mine to be able to jam with Lisa Simpson To Scottie - for your friendship To Dreamer - I'll try to float if stones should drag you under / I'll try to pray if cannonballs should thunder ~ ys To Sam - no dream could measure up to the reality of the blessing that you are To the Author, Creator, and Fulfiller of all good dreams - to Him be glory, majesty, dominion, and authority, before all time and now and forever.

May all yours come true ~eee

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