In My Life: Solo Piano Sojourns

Eric Barnhart

Solo Piano arrangements of classics and current hits from radio, TV and film

Eric Barnhart: the Upstate's Piano Man.

On his latest release, In My Life: Solo Piano Sojourns, Eric showcases some of the most requested and memorable arrangements he performs as house pianist for the Westin Poinsett, a crown jewel in the center of downtown Greenville, formerly constructed in the 1920s and recently restored to its full grandeur.

The Muppet Show Theme: a staff favorite

As Time Goes By: a highly requested crooner classic

You've Got A Friend In Me: for all of the kids at heart

Just The Way You Are: for the (many, many, many) Billy Joel fans

Let It Go: popular with the 5'0” and under crowd

Radioactive, Not About Angels: helping the tweens and teens to feel at home

HP GoT LotR: a shout out to fellow fantasy nerds

In My Life: for the (many) Beatles fans

Closer To The Heart: piano can rock, too

Sixteen Tons: a new take on a country classic

Evergreen: for the (many) Babs fans

The final track, With Love, is an original improvisation.


For Eric Barnhart, the piano is more than an instrument – it's home. From the days he began playing by ear on his brother's toy xylophone up through today, no other place has been as inspiring, challenging, or comforting as when his fingers are on the keys.

Wherever Eric has found himself over the years – the rolling fields of the rural Midwest, the clubs and beaches of Miami, the “New South” of Atlanta or his current home in Greenville, SC – the piano has been his way of embracing the local culture, absorbing it and making it his own. The crowds at his performances are never quite sure where their musical journey will carry them next: the sounds of sassy blues from a swanky jazz club; a driving tumbao for the salsa dance floor; a plaintive folk melody drifting off the mountain cabin back-porch, or a dozen other destinations. One thing, however, can be rest assured: it will be worth the trip.

"Eric's style and versatility make him one of my favorite musicians to work with. He possesses the subtlety to make ballads emotional and lilting, the energy to add just the right rhythm to the blues, and the touch to add his own interpretation to modern classics. Plus, he's always professional, polished, and has a constant smile on his face... and those things alone would make him a joy to work with, but the fact that he's a great musician is the icing on the cake." ~Whitney Walters, vocalist, actor, Executive Director of International Center for The Upstate

"Eric Barnhart is a gifted musician with an unparalleled ear for the sounds of classic rock and Americana. I've worked with Eric on dozens of tracks over a period of fifteen years and I can wholeheartedly recommend his craftsmanship as a writer, arranger, and performer." ~Jed Brewer, Director, Mission:USA Productions

"Working with Eric is a true joy. His heart, talent and dependability are second to none. Eric is truly one of my favorite musicians to work with in worship settings, recording sessions or just last minute gigs. He puts his heart and soul not only into his music but his faith as well. I am honored to know him not only as a fellow musician but a friend." ~Shane Martin, Nashville session guitarist & worship leader

"His shows are completely delightful. He is incredibly talented and knows how to play to his audience. Great fun when he takes requests! Don't miss it!" ~ Nellie L.

"Simply the best all-around piano player in the Upstate." ~ Lee L.

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